YOUNG PILGRIMS is preparing for a run in Duxbury, MA (next door to Plymouth)

the summer of 2022.

Watch for updates on YOUNG PILGRIMS,


How about a romantic comedy about the Pilgrims? That’s right—the Pilgrims.  Throw away your old misconceptions and hear this: the Pilgrims didn’t spend all their time praying.  They were only human.   Especially young Pilgrims. 

How could they resist falling in love on a long ocean voyage?

But the course of true love never did run smooth, as their popstar William Shakespeare says.

There are rivals, even on a small ship.

And in the new world, the young Pilgrims must contend with a “savage”—who speaks better English than they do.

Will love conquer all and happiness prevail? Or will the young Pilgrims only land on a rock and build a country? See the play and find out...

Pilgrim Buzz

"So proud to have seen this with my 14-year-old daughter, who thought it would be boring but loved it!"

V. Gottlieb, Member of the New York Mayflower Society

"Everyone we spoke to loved the play--me included. Amazing how enthralled I was...couldn't take my eyes off the actors (who were brilliant). Such a good job capturing the story of young people on the Mayflower--what they thought and what they went through. Bravo!"

Sarah Morse, Director of the New York Mayflower Society

"A perfect activity for a Thanksgiving--or any--evening!"

M. Schmidt, New Jersey

“Delightful and charming!  Wonderful play, so well done.  The immigrants are amazing.  Wow, the Pilgrims had ten children?!”

Marilyn Anderson, Los Angeles

"One of the funniest plays I've seen in years. And very apropos for today's times."

B. Fields, New York