Review in the Old Colony Memorial Newspaper of Plymouth, MA:

"...The play has enjoyed a long run, with its first show being held July 1st. Performances continue to attract sell-out crowds. 'Young Pilgrims' premiered off-Broadway and garnered a positive review from the New York Times. Blake, an actress and former sitcom writer ('Empty Nest,' 'Mama's Family,' 'Major Dad') uses her humor and storytelling skills to craft a funny and touching tale set aboard the Mayflower.

The audience sees love blossom in spite of hardships and the conventions of the time between John Alden and his future wife, Priscilla Mullins. Blake's sitcom writing experience comes to the fore, with the characters delivering a steady stream of lines and looks to keep the audience entertained and laughing through the 90-minute performance."

August 10th, 2022

How can a poor, illiterate adventurer win the heart of a privileged Pilgrim maiden?

How can love even happen in the midst of a harrowing journey across a vast ocean, with no end in sight?

Find the answers in YOUNG PILGRIMS, the play. Discover the people behind the story you thought you knew.

You think you know the Pilgrims? You’ll see them as serious and funny, smart and stupid, fearful and brave, and unlike Thanksgiving icons, as real human beings.

Best of all, you’ll find out how our adventurer succeeds in beating the odds!

2022 Production Highlights Reel

Young Pilgrims premiered in New York City at the Rave Theater Festival, August 2019. The show was acclaimed by the New York Times:

"Everyone we spoke to loved the play--me included. Amazing how enthralled I was...couldn't take my eyes off the actors (who were brilliant). Such a good job capturing the story of young people on the Mayflower--what they thought and what they went through. Bravo!"

Sarah Morse, Director of the New York Mayflower Society

"So proud to have seen this with my 14-year-old daughter, who thought the Pilgrims would be boring, but loved it!"

V. G., Member of the New York Mayflower Society

"One of the funniest plays I've seen in years. And very apropos for today's times."

Barry Fields, New York