Young Pilgrims premiered in 2019 in Broadway producer Ken Davenport's RAVE Theater Festival. The New York Times wrote as follows:

You think you know the Pilgrims? Discover the people behind the story you thought you knew.

John Alden is a young, illiterate carpenter on the crew of the Mayflower. Whereas others are afraid, he is excited by the harrowing voyage.

John spends time with his Pilgrim friend, Gilbert Winslow, rating the girls on the ship from 1 to 10.

John meets lovely, wealthy Priscilla Mullins, and falls for her.

He becomes part of a group including Priscilla and four other young Pilgrims.

During the voyage, they enjoy themselves as best they can.

John gets splashed by a whale, to Priscilla's delight. She begins to fall in love with him.

After 66 days, they land in the New World! Impulsively, John kisses Priscilla.

Priscilla learns that John intends to return to England, as soon as he gets furs to sell.

She becomes engaged to John's rival, the very pious Joseph Rogers.

Because of the freezing winter, many of the Pilgrims succumb to a deadly sickness.

John finds himself nursing his rival to health.

Meanwhile, the group debates the fairness of taking land from the Natives.

But what will happen to John and Priscilla?

If you'd like to see a video of the entire play, please contact the playwright, Sydney Blake, at

The play enjoyed a seven-week run in Duxbury, MA, in the summer of 2022, produced by Sydney Blake.

Review in the Old Colony Memorial Newspaper of Plymouth, MA:

"...The play has enjoyed a long run, with its first show being held July 1st. Performances continue to attract sell-out crowds. 'Young Pilgrims' premiered off-Broadway and garnered a positive review from the New York Times. Blake, an actress and former sitcom writer ('Empty Nest,' 'Mama's Family,' 'Major Dad') uses her humor and storytelling skills to craft a funny and touching tale set aboard the Mayflower.

The audience sees love blossom in spite of hardships and the conventions of the time between John Alden and his future wife, Priscilla Mullins. Blake's sitcom writing experience comes to the fore, with the characters delivering a steady stream of lines and looks to keep the audience entertained and laughing through the 90-minute performance."

August 10th, 2022